Some projects that I've worked for editorial designs the past years using Ilustration, photography, and photomanipulation.  
AMP - Anual Report from 2012
I was in charge of photography and design of the annual report for Autoridad Maritima Portuaria (Maritime Port Authority),  the photograph was taken at Acajutla Port, El Triunfo Port and Jaltepeque Tideland.
Para tí desde Quezaltepeque (For you from Quezaltepeque)
I made a book for Quezaltepeque Town, the research, photography and design done by myself. 
El Alquimista - Triada, H.P. Lovecraft (3 Short Stories Ilustrated)
Done with Revi Guardado and Marcela Orellana, each one of us had one short story from H.P. Lovecraft to illustrate and design, this was the story that I chose to Illustrate and design.
Pets Magazine. 
Pets magazine gallery project designed for ferrets lovers with some great shots(I don't own the pictures)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness LP Booklet.
Project worked with Revi Guardado, we choose three songs and created a photomanipulation with them. 
Neue Deutsche Härte Booklet
Booklet project I made for a special CD on 2009
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