re [flejos] 
From the exhibition: Subject To Change
Who we are in a space, is a reflection of how safe and comfortable we feel. 
How vulnerable we are. ​​​​​​​

We are subjects to perceptions. 

We are reflections of our environment, society and ourselves. 

This series of self-portraits are reflections in spaces where I navigate, feelings of safety and visibility as a queer, latinx, non-binary, immigrant  are related. 

How visible my identity is depends of the space and my relationship with it. 

The materials reflects the environment, to make the viewer observe my work without being able to ignore themselves and the environments, as it's all connected. 
Subject to change – Curated by Claudia Arana

Subject to change, evokes the contingent nature of the self. The exhibition presents
the works of Mirna Chacín and Eli Carmona, two contemporary artists who are
developing a personal and engaged visual systems to claim, make, and describe their
own narrative as artists whose practices navigate through identity, nationalism,
modern migration, and belonging. The imagery is both straightforward and poetic.
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