The why:
How many times a year you use a costume? How many times do you actually re-use that same costume? 1, 2, 3 times? The price on an average costume can be from 20 to 40... if you make it on your own it will depend on your  budget. So... what if instead of letting it sit on the bottom of your wardrobe collecting dust, you actually have it for rent or even better, sell it. This may cover the money you spent on it an even the drinks you had the amazing night you used it.
The What:
Mummers is a sharing economy platform that will give you access to all the fantastic costumes on your area or around the world, either if is for getting ideas, or actually renting one, or selling yours, mummers will make your life easier. We help you get in contact with others costume wearers or designers, either from your computer, tablet or phone. Enjoy this online portfolio for costumes and get ready for your next big party!
The How:
By using the online platform you can get in touch with owners, designers, wearers. The deal will be controlled by you, and you can rate your experience with that user or with their costume. You help to build this community. The app gives you a simplified access to the platform. You can save your favorite costumes, make a wishlist, contact other users, upload your own costumes and create a nice gallery with the costumes you own.
Through html / css and bootstrap I did a demo of some pages of the website with their proper responsive states, and using Javascript, Jquery and Json I was able to make the database work.
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