Motion Graphic short explaining bits and pieces of pre columbian history of El Salvador. Tlaloc the God of rain from Maya - pipil mythology, his helpers the tepeúas, and Cuyancúa. The main characters 3D renders were done in Modo - Luxology. and with them you can understand where some of our most common legends comes from. 
San Andres Arqueological site. 
The Tepeúas.
Dear Grandpa Tlaloc, the God of rain.
Close up of his round eyes and long jaguar fangs
Spain conqueros came in their ships, "La Pinta, la Niña y la Santa María", history classes becoming useful in animation!
2D assets created in Illustrator to explain bits of El Salvador.
Half snake, Half pig, the Cuyancúa.
Our ancestors the Pipils, their Aztecs cousins.
Most famous legends, The Cipitio, the siguanaba and the cadejo
Some sketches that pass as storyboards that only I could understand
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