"Everything begins with a dot." -- Wassily Kandinsky.

 toDot is a journey of Vasya on a dangerous walk. toDot is inspired by rogue-like RPGs and Wassily Kandinsky's minimalist art. Vasya needs to navigate his linear world, explore it, reach his final destination and not get killed in the process by all the pointy things he encounters (triangles and squares, that is). Vasya can either run recklessly forward to reach the next safe checkpoint or cower back in defensive stance and using his abilities. 

The higher you get the more challenging the walk becomes. 

toDot was created at Global Game Jam 2015 in Toronto, Canada, hosted at George Brown College. 

This project was created by: Paul Forest: Concept and Programming Daria Gordeeva: UI/UX & Graphics Eliza Carmona: Character Design & Animation Adam Axbey: Music & Sound Effects
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