This is Home Now.

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1–9: My body is a gender exile – Mi cuerpo es un exiliado del genero.
Digital transparency print, 8x10"
10: I don’t recognize you but I want to know you – No te reconozco pero quiero conocerte
Black and white film, silver gelatin print 11x14 (visible in the video) – Digital transparency print.
11-17: I want you to be mine, and to be part of you – Quiero que te vuelvas mio, y yo ser parte de ti.
Black and white film, silver gelatin prints, 8x10"

This project explores my relationship with my body, the so called Toronto, and how identity plays a role between the spaces I move in and the person I’m becoming. How I navigate and place myself in each space makes a difference between my relationship with this place that I want to call home, be it under my own skin or the land I walk on.

Exposing Liminalities
August 11 – 26, 2018
Presented by Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography in collaboration
with Critical Distance Centre for Curators

Exposing Liminalities brings together the work of five artists that expand,
challenge, and question notions of the in-between, while considering the potential
for photography to expose the multitude of intersections that define oneself.
Liminality holds flexible meanings: it encompasses the transitional stage of a
process, and the act of occupying a position at or on both sides of a boundary or
threshold. Reflecting on liminality as a critical discourse, the artists in this
exhibition probe places and contexts that are immediate yet deeply personal –
embodying and responding to ideas that approximate liminal space through
investigative means. Different states of being are examined through the eyes of
these artists: between what was once home and what is now home; between
temporalities; between boundaries, borders, or margins; between success and
failure; between liberation and restraint. By drawing on moments that are
overlooked with deep criticality and inquisitive gaze, Exposing Liminalities aims
to bridge the gaps between us. Together, the artists carve out a new space for
inquiry, where the liminal becomes the limitless.
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